Gently Down The Stream

by Arctic Shore

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released October 7, 2013

recordings: miguel torrado
mix & master: michael @



all rights reserved


Arctic Shore Hamburg, Germany

5 piece melodic hardcore from hamburg / germany

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Track Name: Gently Down The Stream
It seems that we have been giving up that day
The icy mermaid melted down in Copenhagen
Talking ‘bout Durban, Cancun, Qatar
When will you see that she's not waiting for you and you cannot sway her

Our time is running out
We will not make it out this way
It's the era that we brought up
This world will never be the same
No need to look for an answer
We just don't know what to say
All the things we have achieved might be in vain, in vain in vain

Because you like the easiest way
The way that you can profit from
The track that we are on
Remember that your children
Have to live with what you kill
Preserve preserve, our mother earth we shall preserve

So the day that you realized that all
These small things that might cost so much give nothing in return
Will you give your life up to conserve this piece of land
That you once called your home and that will be wasteland soon

Slowly dying our earth will start to regulate herself
All the flowers all the trees and the things that you don’t see
Mankind ain't live forever
The equilibrium prevails
We take our boat and throw it down the stream

With efforts low and hands reached out
There is no change no chance to get out
You’re spilling oil and you’re living a lie
You only row
Why don't you row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merely merely Merely Merely
Life is but a dream

This land is mine
And I will never let you destroy
The beauty of our nature
The pride of my own maker
So if you fuck up the earth
Everyone else is going down with you
And then money does not save you
I know that we are going down
Well thank you for us going down
We’re going down

Row, row, row your boat
Gently, gently down the stream
Merely, merely, life is, life is but a dream